Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Dhaka increased by Qatar Airways

Qatar Airways has officially announced that it has increased its presence in the Dhaka marketplace as a result of an expanded bilateral accord that Qatar has signed with Bangladesh.

The new accord would allow QR to operate 28 flights per week as a result of which Doha-Chittagong was announced on 24APR as a new route to be launched in 2018.

As far as DOH-DAC is concerned, frequencies are increased from double to triple daily nonstop using an A330 exclusively (mix of A332s and A333s).

The new daily flight is a morning departure from DOH designed to connect with its second daily JFK-DOH + daily PHL-DOH service conveniently. The schedule of the triple daily operation is as follows:

Dep DOH 0900/1700/2145 Arr DAC 1650/0050/0535
Dep DAC 0210/0755/1955 Arr DOH 0515/1100/2300

Demand from DAC to the Middle East in 2016 was as follows:

JED 440,000
RUH 390,000
DOH 265,000
DXB 220,000
MCT 215,000
DMM 200,000
KWI 200,000
AUH 140,000
BAH 125,000
AMM 70,000
BEY 65,000
MED 65,000

Etihad reduces Melbourne and suspends Venice

Etihad Airways has officially announced that as part of its Right Size Right Shape strategy, it shall be reducing capacity to Melbourne from the on set of the IATA Winter 2017 season.

Currently, EY operates a double daily nonstop AUH-MEL service using an A380 + B77W each respectively. However effective 30OCT, capacity is reduced by -24% as it will be utilizing a daily B789 + daily B77W each respectively on this route.

In addition to the above, it has confirmed the suspension of its AUH-VCE (Venice) from 29OCT17 onwards as it is likely to be converted into a summer seasonal service or suspended outright (which is better as there is no real need to fly there for EY)

Monday, April 24, 2017

Qatar Airways announces San Francisco + more new routes

At the on-going Arabian Travel Mart today, Qatar Airways has officially announced a new round of 12 destinations that will be added to its route network in 2018.

They are as follows:
  • San Francisco
  • Chittagong
  • Lisbon
  • Accra
  • Cardiff
  • Abidjan
  • Malaga
  • Kiev
  • Prague
  • Mombasa
  • Pattaya
  • Mykonos (Greece)

Alitalia announces Rome-Maldives nonstop

Alitalia has officially announced that it shall be launching new nonstop flights to MLE-Male, Maldives effective 31OCT17 as the carrier looks to take advantage of the rising demand from Europe to the Indian Ocean island.

AZ has scheduled 3 weekly nonstop flights to be operated using an A332 using the below mentioned schedule:


AZ 776 Dep FCO 2145 Arr MLE 1105+1
AZ 777 Dep MLE 1310 Arr FCO 1930

Demand from EU to MLE in 2016 was as follows:

LON - 165,000
FRA - 101,000
MUC - 68,000
CDG - 61,000
DME - 59,000
MXP - 46,000
ZRH - 40,000
FCO - 37,000
VIE - 25,000
MAD - 18,000
CPH - 14,000
DUS - 14,000
ARN - 13,000
GVA - 12,000

Friday, April 21, 2017

Jet Airways announces Europe expansion plan

India's Jet Airways has officially disclosed plans to expand its European footprint with its 2 major partners i.e. KLM and Air France who will provide value able feed for these new services.

9W revealed that from the on set of the IATA W17 season, it shall be launching new daily nonstop flights to Amsterdam from Bangalore using an A333 which will conveniently connect to its Amsterdam-Toronto service in both directions. This new route will be code shared with KLM and BLR pax will easily be able to connect to a multiple of EU/UK + North American destinations using the Dutch carrier for the onward segment. In 2016, the total P2P market demand between BLR and AMS was 34,000 passengers and this route is expected to be favored by high yielding business class passengers going to Europe and North America in particular.

In addition to the above, 9W too announced plans to launch new 5 weekly nonstop flights from Chennai (MAA) to Paris using an A333 effective 30OCT. This new service will be code shared with Air France who will provide onward support to North America and Europe/UK. In 2016, the P2P market demand between MAA and CDG was 105,000 passengers which is quite impressive but low yielding as its mainly VFR and French tourists visiting the city of Pondicherry.   

The flight schedule of these new services are as follows:

Days - Daily
Aircraft - A333 (293 seats - 34J flat beds + 259Y)

9W 236 Dep BLR 0225 Arr AMS 0835
9W 235 Dep AMS 1050 Arr BLR 0040+1

Days - 1/4/5/6/7

Aircraft - A333 (293 seats - 34J flat beds + 259Y)

9W 128 Dep MAA 0145 Arr CDG 0810
9W 127 Dep CDG 1010 Arr MAA 0015+1

Norwegian announces London-Singapore nonstop

Norwegian Airlines has officially announced that it will be increasing its presence out of London Gatwick with a new long haul nonstop service to Singapore.

DY will launch the new route effective 28SEP operated 4 times per week using a 344 seater B789 which shall be further increased to 5 weekly from the on set of the IATA W17 season. 

Source: http://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/business/budget-airline-norwegian-announces-plans-for-singapore-london/3691986.html

London-Singapore is a huge P2P market segment with 570,000 pax flying in 2016.

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Qatar Airways increases Bali frequencies

Qatar Airways has officially announced that it shall be increasing its presence in the popular Bali-DPS market segment effective 07MAY17.

Currently, QR operates double daily nonstop flights on the DOH-DPS route catering largely to EU/UK passengers. However from 1st May onwards, frequencies shall be raised to triple daily nonstop using an A333 + B77W + B788 each respectively.

The new daily service is scheduled as follows:

QR 964 Dep DOH 1745 Arr DPS 0810+1 788
QR 965 Dep DPS 0930 Arr DOH 1405 788

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Dhaka flights suspended by Oman Air

Oman Air has officially announced another round of major capacity reductions as it looks to reduce its losses and redeploy its aircraft on more popular routes. The carrier revealed the following:

DAC - all daily flights suspended effective 01JUN. 

This has come as a big surprise considering the large P2P traffic that already exists between MCT and DAC which numbered over 200,000 pax in 2016. WY currently operates a daily B738 between MCT and DAC as well as a daily B738 to CGP (Chittagong). Flights to CGP remain un-touched as its another huge P2P market out of MCT with over 150,000 passengers flying last year. 

In addition to suspending DAC, WY also revealed the following effective 01MAY:

DOH - frequencies reduced from 4 to 3 daily flights 

AUH - frequencies reduced from 4 to 2 daily flights only

All of the above changes are now published and visible on Sabre GDS system.

Emirates reduces USA flights

As a result of a big drop in bookings to USA on its flights, Emirates has officially announced a huge cut back in frequencies to 5 of its online destinations which are effective from May 2017:

BOS - frequencies reduced from double daily to single daily B77W

SEA - frequencies reduced from double daily to single daily B77W

LAX - frequencies reduced from double daily A380 + B77W combo to daily A380 only

FLL - frequencies reduced from daily to 5 weekly B77Ls

MCO - frequencies reduced from daily to 5 weekly B77Ws

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Sri Lankan Airlines reveals A321NEO configuration

Sri Lankan Airlines has officially released information about its soon to be delivered Airbus A321NEOs with regards to its cabin layout and initial routes that it intends to operate. In total, UL ordered 6 A321NEOs a couple of years ago.  

To begin with, the configuration will be for 188 seats in a 2 class layout seating 12 business + 176 economy class passengers each respectively. As far as which routes it intends to operate the aircraft with initially, those are Abu Dhabi, Delhi, Hyderabad, Kochi and Singapore.

Qatar Airways increases Larnaca services

Qatar Airways has officially announced that it shall be boosting its presence in Cyprus by increasing frequencies to LCA-Larnaca effective 04MAY17.

QR has been gradually increasing its services on this route ever since Etihad suspended its own AUH-LCA 3 weekly flights on 31OCT16. Initially in W16, QR boosted LCA from daily to 10 weekly using an A320 and this shall be further increased to 12 weekly nonstop flights using the same aircraft type from 04MAY.  

Monday, April 10, 2017

Brussels-Bangkok increased by Thai Airways

Thai Airways has officially announced that it shall be increasing its services on the Brussels-Bangkok sector effective 25MAR18 (on set of IATA S18 season) as the carrier looks to increase its presence in this high yielding EU market segment.

Frequencies will be raised from 4 to 5 weekly nonstop using their new A350-900 exclusively offering 321 seats in total i.e. 32J + 289Y.

The top SE-Asian markets in 2016 to/from BRU were as follows:

BKK - 115,000
PEK - 68,000
NRT - 62,000
HKG - 30,000
MNL - 29,000
HKT - 28,000
PVG - 27,000
DPS - 26,000
SIN - 24,000
CGK - 16,000
KUL - 15,000
ICN - 15,000
SGN - 13,000
HAN - 10,000

Thursday, April 6, 2017

Emirates increases Bali to double daily nonstop

Emirates has officially announced that due to rising demand from both Europe and GCC for DPS-Bali, Indonesia, it shall be expanding its presence on this sector by increasing frequencies effective 02JUL17.

It currently operates a daily two class B77W on the route which shall be upgraded to a double daily service. The double daily flights schedule is as follows:

EK 360 Dep DXB 0125 Arr DPS 1430 - new flight
EK 398 Dep DXB 0830 Arr DPS 2140

EK 399 Dep DPS 0005 Arr DXB 0500
EK 361 Dep DPS 1630 Arr DXB 2130 - new flight

Demand between DPS and the main target markets of GCC/EU in 2016 was as follows:

DXB 52,000
JED 17,000
LON 152,000
CDG 126,000
AMS 191,000
FRA 74,000
MXP 17,000
FCO 13,000
ZRH 49,000
MUC 41,000
BRU 24,000
DME 39,000
CPH 37,000
JFK 11,000

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Boeing reveals B777-9X configuration options

Boeing has officially released technical data info including various LOPA configuration options for its upcoming new B777-9X aircraft that is to be the natural replacement to all the B77Ws / B773s existing worldwide presently.

Link: http://www.boeing.com/assets/pdf/commercial/airports/acaps/777-9_Prelim.pdf

The standard configuration options on offer by Boeing are as follows:
  • 2 class - 414 seats i.e. 42J (flat beds 85 inch seat pitch) + 372Y (32 inch seat pitch)
  • 3 class - 349 seats i.e. 8F + 49J + 292Y

From the LOPA provided by Boeing, according to my calculations if I amend it a bit, one can get the below 3 and 2 class configurations each respectively:

Y class (3-4-3) remains 32 inch seat pitch and J class remains 85 pitch (flat bed) using the same design as per Boeing

3 class OP1 - 389 seats (8F/35J/346Y)

2 class OP1 - 408 seats (42J/366Y)
2 class OP2 - 431 seats (35J/396Y)
2 class OP3 - 454 seats (28J/426Y)

Single class all Economy (32 inch seat pitch) - 526 seats

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Air India to lease 7 Boeing 787-9s

Air India's Managing Director has officially disclosed plans of its long haul expansion after obtaining approval from its Board of Directors. The main highlights are as follows:
  1. Seven (7) Boeing 787-9s to be dry leased to boost expansion
  2. Copenhagen-Delhi shall be launched effective August 2017
  3. New long haul routes will be Los Angeles, Houston, Dallas and one city in Canada
  4. Frequencies to Sydney and Melbourne to be increased
  5. New nonstop flights to Tel Aviv, Nairobi and Mauritius are being seriously evaluated
  6. Amongst the above 3 mentioned U.S. routes, at least one route shall be launched in 2017 (most likely to be LAX)
Source: http://www.financialexpress.com/industry/with-plans-of-us-expansion-air-india-to-induct-wide-bodied-boeing-787-9/613229/

Hawaiian releases its A321NEO configuration

Hawaiian Airlines has officially disclosed the configuration of its soon to be delivered Airbus A321NEOs. They will be exclusively deployed on flights between HNL-U.S. West Coast cities and Vancouver.

HA revealed that its A321NEOs will seat 189 passengers in a 3 class layout i.e. 16J + 45W + 128Y. The longest flight it is expected to operate is to Las Vegas from HNL which is a 6 hour 30 minute journey.  

British Airways increases Mauritius

British Airways
has officially announced that due to higher demand for Mauritius during the European winter season, it shall be increasing its presence on this market segment effective 29OCT17.

Frequencies will be increased from 3 to 5 weekly nonstop using a B772ER.

Demand between MRU and London P2P in 2016 was 243,000 passengers (LHR + LGW combined)

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Air India announces Washington DC-Delhi nonstop

Air India has officially announced that it shall be launching new nonstop flights between Delhi and Washington DC nonstop effective 07JUL17.

Services will be operated 3 times per week nonstop using a B777-200LR with the below mentioned timings:

Days - 3/5/7

AI 103 Dep DEL 0115 Arr IAD 0715
AI 104 Dep IAD 1100 Arr DEL 1030+1 

P2P demand between IAD and DEL in 2016 was 74,000 passengers and for other Indian cities it was as follows:

BOM - 49,000
MAA - 35,000
BLR - 29,000
HYD - 66,000
CCU - 7,000
AMD - 16,000
COK - 9,000

AI also previously announced that it is in the market looking to dry lease into its fleet 6 additional wide body aircraft i.e. either B77Ws or B789s. If B789s can be obtained and one aircraft dedicated to flying DEL-IAD nonstop, the total operational cost savings per round trip flight is approximately US$ 80,000 so on an annual basis is almost US$ 12.5 million !

Oman Air reduces Guangzhou flights

Due to lower than anticipated demand for its recently launched Guangzhou-Muscat daily service (since Dec 2017), Oman Air has officially confirmed that in order to stem losses, it shall be reducing frequencies on this sector effective 10APR17.

Its current daily service using an A330 will be cut to 4 weekly nonstop using a combination of A332s and A333s. Flights will operate on MON/WED/FRI/SUN only out of MCT.

Demand between CAN and the Middle East region in 2016 (round trip) was as follows:

DXB - 150,000
JED - 44,000
RUH - 40,000
CAI - 112,000
AMM - 28,000
BEY - 20,000
IKA - 60,000
IST - 55,000
DOH - 11,000MCT - 8,000
BAH - 5,000
DMM - 6,000

British Airways increases Los Angeles and Johannesburg capacity

British Airways has officially announced that it shall be significantly increasing its capacity offering on two popular routes from the on set of the IATA W17 season as the carrier looks to compete more aggressively against its closest rivals.

JNB - capacity increased from daily B744 + daily A380 to double daily A380

LAX - frequencies increased from double to triple daily nonstop i.e. daily B789 + daily A380 + daily B744 each respectively

MSY (New Orleans, USA) - frequencies increased from 4 to 5 weekly using a B787